Indulging in the luxury of the Fairmont Singapore Should Be Your Next Plan

Fairmont Singapore is not only spacious. Its lavishness lies in every inch. It is easy to notice this skyscraper among several other hotels in Marina Bay. The exterior already stands out among others, while its overall interior design appeals to all guests to come back for more.  

Fairmont Singapore: How to Get There

It is delightful to know that reaching Fairmont Singapore from Changi Airport is as easy as taking several transportation modes. It takes less than forty minutes to travel there from the subway, and it requires an hour to reach this hotel by bus. Taking taxis or personal cars is even shorter, where guests can enjoy the extravagant views of Singapore skyscrapers along the way.

What Makes It Special?

As one of the best Singapore hotel deals, it is not surprising that guests should make an early booking.  There are lots of factors that make this hotel fully booked.  First, its location is very near to fabulous places, whether they are business districts, shopping malls, and entertainment venues. Second, its choices of rooms are perfect for all guests with various budgets and needs. 

But, there is another factor that makes it appropriate. It hosts several five-star restaurants with upscale menus that cater to the taste of every guest. They serve various cuisines so guests don’t have to go outside the hotel to enjoy numerous menus. It is interesting to find more than thirteen restaurants and bar here!

The first thing that guests want to try is the Asian Market Café. As the name implies, everyone can find any kind of Asian menu. People who demand halal food can indulge in various delectable cuisines with various flavors. The most favorite one includes rendang by using Australian beef, or other exotic cuisines from throughout Asian countries.

Lovers of Italian cuisines shouldn’t worry because Prego is ready to serve its best Italian menus. The restaurant is casual and cozy, while guests are getting hungrier when they enter the restaurant as they can smell the delicious pizza-making process. 

Here, delicately cooked pasta and pizzas become the real deal. Dining here is even perfect as guests can enjoy the beauty of the Singapore skyline from the eighth floor.

Make an Unforgettable Moment

For unforgettable cocktail choices, never doubt to visit Anti: dote. This cocktail bar already charms guests with its stylish design that adds a warm ambiance. The comprehensive choices of drinks and cocktails here are truly appealing. However, it also serves tapas, and also other beverages that the experienced staff creates from mixing liqueurs, bitters, and sodas. Yet, this bar also serves afternoon tea

Fairmont Singapore also offers excellent formal dining at JAAN by Kirk Westaway that lies in its sister hotel, Swissôtel The Stamford. The beautiful interior matches well with the perfect Singapore skyline from the 70th floor of Swissôtel. 

It serves high-class European cuisines that meet the high-class standard of most guests of these two hotels. Fairmont Singapore ensures unforgettable moments with families or loved ones. It delivers total luxury and comfort for all guests with various purposes of their trip.

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